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The power of the S curve

Many years ago, before I even discovered my own passion for photography, I saw a nude photograph in a coffee shop that I has stayed with me. I often think about that photograph. The image was very different from any nude I had ever seen before. The image was clearly an art piece and done tastfully. The reason this image has stuck with me for so many years in a way that literally no other photography I have seen before, or since, is because this woman had a huge ugly scar that covered over half the length of her torso. The scar was jagged, thick and basically ugly. However the photographer managed to light this woman in such a way that her scar became the focus of the photograph. Not only was it the focus, but the photographer managed to make the scar a true thing of beauty. At the time I had no idea how you could do this, which of course is the talent of a true artist.

I now know that the image was light from the side the enhance the texture of the scar so it stood out. I know that the use of low key lighting added to the drama and intensity of the image. I know that the choice to take the image in black and white allowed the tone of the the scar to draw your eye in a way that a colour photograph never would. Finally, just today I figured out how the photographer transformed the scar from ugly to beautiful. It was very simple really, and yet for some reason it never made sense until today. The scar was an s-curve. I have read over and over about the s-curve, I have even photographed images using an s-curve to create a mood of serenity. However for some reason even though I knew that a woman always looks better when photographed in a way that enhances her own s-curvey body, I never truly realized how it could be used to transform something that is ugly and horrifying into a thing of  beauty.

I wish I could share the image with you, but I have no idea who the photographer was. If I did know, I would tract them down to try and purchase the piece for myself.

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