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Over the Easter weekend my son was playing play-doh with his paternal grandmother. My husband was busy talking with his dad, and my son was busy playing with his Grandma. This allowed me a rare opportunity to just step back from being a parent and photograph my son. The scene was absolutely beautiful. Perfect, I thought, okay the light was a dream. We were in a glassed in porch, so there was natural light streaming in from three sides. Really as far as natural lighting it doesn’t get much better than this. This is where I started to realize there were other problems. For one, my son was sitting across the table from his grandma, so to get both their faces in the photo, I would have to take that standard straight on shot that has no depth. I decided against that as those photos just look too flat to me.

Nikon D700 24-70 @62mm f/4 1/400, ISO 200

At one point my son got up from his seat and stood almost next to his grandma. Oh, the minute he did that my heart jumped with excitement a little bit. I was finally going to get a photo of the two of them that wasn’t just the back of a head.  I only got a couple in before he decided to move back again.

Nikon D700 24-70mm @ 38mm f/3.5 1/400, ISO 800

This is where I decided to step in and try to influence the scene rather than just try to capture what naturally unfolded, and try to convince my son to go back to were he was playing. Of course as soon as I spoke up, my son was immediatly pulled out of the world that included only himself, the play-doh and his grandma. Now he was aware that I had the camera out, and he wanted me to take a photo of what he was doing, so I of course obliged, hoping that it would allow him to re-enter that world again after.

Nikon D700 24-70mm @70mm f/6.3 1/125, ISO 800

What I hadn’t counted on was how it pulled my mother-in-law out of that world as well. I had been getting some good photos of her and my son playing, but as soon as she became aware of what was going on, some of the magic of the world they were sharing was gone, and was no longer visible on her face.

Nikon D700 24-70mm @42mm f/6.3 1/125, ISO 800

It seems the lesson here is that when you have magic happening, just let it happen.

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