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Nikon D300 105mm ISO 400 f4 1/1250

Nikon D300 105mm ISO 400 f4 1/1250

The way to know if a photo should be in colour of black & white is simple. If the photo is about the colour, it should be in colour; if its not, get rid of the distraction that colour causes. This is a paraphrase of something I learned watching CreativeLive.

A couple of weeks ago my five year old son was playing in the sunbeam of the window, with the innocence that only young children have, and I captured the beautiful moment pictured above. When I took this photo I didn’t consider whether it should be in colour or black & white, however the minute I uploaded it to my computer I knew that while this photo was decent straight out of the can, it would be even better in black & white.

When this photograph is viewed in colour, you get distracted by the orange glow of his ear, the redness of his lips, and to a lesser extent the blue stitches above his right eye. However in black and white the photo is all about how the light plays on his face. To the trained eye of the photographer, the intercepting lines on his face lead your eye to his eye. To the untrained eye, the intercepting lines on his face let you know that he is playing near a window, without the need for it to be in the photograph.

Now I have made it sound like this the perfect photo, I know it is far from it. His face is almost smack dab in the centre of the frame, and it would be even better if I had framed his face lower and more to the left. It would be better if I had captured how he was holding onto the curtains, so you could see that he was playing with them.  I can tell you that the reason I didn’t frame it right was because I only got a chance to fire the shutter twice before he got bored and moved on to something else. I can tell you that the reason is because I have decided to see if using only my center focus point on my camera which has the cross-hair focus make a difference to my photos. I can tell you all of these things, but they don’t really matter. What matters is that I did capture a perfect moment in time, and know that the image has more impact in black & white than in colour.

What do you think?

Window Light 06

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Last weekend the City of Edmonton held “Get Ready in the Park” to end Emergency Preparedness Week. The day was cloudy and overcast. Ironically even though I knew it was likely to rain and the event was all about being prepared, I forgot to take umbrellas, though I did remember raincoats. I am pretty sure I was the only person who was truly thankful that it was not a sunny day. When I go to something with my son I don’t want to be lugging around reflectors, and since Nikon still has my flash held hostage, if it had been a sunny day the contract between light and shadow would have been intense and I would not have been able to capture this photo if it weren’t for the giant softbox created by the overcast sky.

Nikon D700 24-70mm @38mm F4 1/250, ISO 1000

Of course the following photo is pretty bland with out a nice blue sky, but even if I had a wonderful nice blue sky, there was nothing around to show perspective and so unless I tell you, there is no way to know he’s hanging two stories in the air. So I guess you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have….
I was going to say photography, but how many of you automaticly thought “the facts of life “?

Nikon D700 24-70mm @ 70mm f8 1/125, ISO 400

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