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No more straps for me.

Last Christmas, Mostly Lisa blogged about the Black Rapid. I was intrigued and for a long time thought I wanted a strap just like it. For some reason though, I never got one for myself.  This past summer I discovered the Spider Holster.  Finally I realized why I had never picked up a Black Rapid strap. While the Black Rapid is cool, it isn’t quite right for me. However, the Spider Holster spoke to me.

My husband, knowing that while I would drool over the Spider Holster, I would never actually buy it for myself, so he looked around and found the only camera store in Edmonton that carried it, bagged it up and put it under the tree this year for Christmas. (In our family we use cloth Christmas bags instead of wrapping paper).

Once the business of hosting Christmas was over, I finally opened the box my Spider Holster came in and tried it on. While I have to admit that setting the belt to the right size was a pain, I love the feeling of not having the weight of my camera around my neck.  The other thing that I love is not having the strap on the camera once I remove it from my neck.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have missed a shot of my 3 year-old son, simply because the strap fell in front of the lens. Now, even when I’m not using the belt, there is no strap in the way when I pull my camera off its shelf.

The Spider Holster spoke to me in the same way that the D300 did two years ago.  I only hope that my love of my Spider Holster continues the same way.

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On December 21st there was a total lunar eclipse.  With this being that last one to fall on the winter solstice for 456 years, and it being clearly visible from Alberta, I decided to dress up as warm as possible and head out to the High Level Bridge and photograph the event.  Unfortunately I ran into technical problems and really only got one decent photo, here it is.


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